maandag 28 februari 2011

atc swap and chinese whisperers

at the scrapfever forum the theme for this month's atcswap was shoes.
I can hear you think, that's an easy one. No way!!! I had lots of ideas but the all turned out really horrible ;-S I was even too late sending my atc's to the host. I finally made some cards that i was (a little) happy about

These are the atc's i made

and these are the ones i received

also at the sf forum we did a chinese whisperers. Do you know the game that you have to tell a sentence to the one next to you and they have to repeat it to the one next to them and you go a whole circle. The end ones tells what the sentence was and that normally turns out real funny. Well this is similar but then with a card.

This is the card we started it.

This is the one i made (i was first so you can see the original card in it)

If you want to see all the cards just look here

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