vrijdag 31 december 2010

For everybody!!!!

Have a very happy new year. I whish you all health, happiness and a lot of creativity!!

woensdag 29 december 2010

altered item

For my dad. He will be 70 tomorrow.
It was a little box from a solarclock. Inside is a voucher for a nice lunch at the archeon

Christmascardswap and atc swap at SF

At Scrapfever we had a christmascard swap. These are the cards i received.
They are all pieces of art

The theme of the nov/dec atc swap was mail
These are the atc's i made

and these are the ones i received

zondag 26 december 2010

dcd christmasclub challenge 48 and week 8

On the dcd christmasclub (http://dcdchristmasclub.blogspot.com/2010/12/hi-everyone-karen-here-welcome-back-to.html) the challenge is purple and orange. I don't have purple and orange christmaspaper anymore so i decidee to use some bobunny sunkissed summer paper ;-* it has the perfect colours.
I am not too happy with this card (it's too simple but more embelishments will look so silly with this paper) but i will enter the competition anyway, i might make another card if i have time

Pearls and lace

at the charismacardz challenge (http://charismacardz.blogspot.com/2010/12/challenge-51-pearls-and-lace.html)
This is the card i made for this challenge *sorry for the bad photo but it was a bit too dark and with the flash you don't see the colours*
The card is for a little girly girl that is turning 2 in january

week 7 christmaschallenge

and week 7 is made.....

i will enter the creativebelli challenge (http://bellichallenge.blogspot.com/2010/12/belli-challenge-107-merry-christmas.html) with this card. The challenge is christmas, that is not too difficult is it??
These are the copics i've used

zaterdag 25 december 2010

The traditional Christmas photographs

As we do every year, we made photographs of the girls in front of the christmastree
Fun to see them change every year!

Isn't she gorgeous??!! (growing up waaaayyy too fast!)

vrijdag 24 december 2010

merry christmas for everybody

ours will be cold because the heating doesn't work and can't be fixed because the service man can't get the parts this weekend 'cause of christmas ;-S

lo with bobunnypapers

my favorite papers at the moment, can't get enough of them!!

Photos from antwerp

My entry for....

the prairie fairy challenge http://prairiefairyfridays.blogspot.com/2010/12/challenge-42-use-kraft-cardstock.html
The challenge is use kraftcardstock. That is not difficult since i use kraftcardstock a lot.
Finally had time to join a challenge again, it's been a while

I saw these little beads at the xenos and knew i just had to have them ;-P
I have the perfect stamp with a keisha image. I fell i love with this stamp but don't use it often.

This is the other card i made. No cutestamp on it, just a text and two tags to write on

dinsdag 21 december 2010

Antwerp and our 12 1/2 year wedding anniversary

Last sunday (december 19th) was our 12 1/2 year wedding anniversary. We wanted to go to London (christmasshopping) but that was soooooooo expensive; we can go for two weeks with the 4 of us on a summer holiday for the money that we would have to spend on 3 days London. No way!
So i had to look for an alternative. And that alternative was Antwerp. And we had a GREAT ime!! Just loved it. The weather was very bad so the drive to Antwerp took us quite a long time (5 hrs instead of 1,5) but we arrived safely. We checked in at the hotel and we went out. We were in a clothesshop and we saw somebody from Amersfoort we knew, what a small world!
After a lovely dinner at Boston grill we went to the irish bar to watch some darts.
Saturday we did some shopping and a lot of walking. We went into a very expensive chocolatshop where we had some chocolat christmasballs made for the girls, with their names on it.

We went to see the glass house (music for life; there was a radiomarathon to raise money for the orphans. It was very busy and we couldn't get close.
In the evening some friends were going to come over for a meal but the weather was too bad. They didn't want to chance it (and i don't blame them it was slippery as hell with all the snow we had. so we decided to go back to the grillhouse we went to the day before. That shows what good quality it was!!! After dinner we went back to the glass house and to the irish pub.
On sunday we went to the vogeltjes markt but that wasn't how we remembered it from 15 years ago. We also booked a citywalk with a guide. That was so great! We saw so may beautifull buildings. We could go inside the city hall, normally not open for the public. In one word amazing!!!!! It was snowing really hard but still managed to take some nice photos from the walk.

We saw bagpipeplayers (nothing under their quilts with this weather, look hoiw hard it was snowing! Poor man!!)

We went for something to drink since we wer soooo cold from that 2 hrs walk. after that we had an early dinner at the Pelgrom. The entourage of the restaurant was great (in the cellars) but the food wasn't, what a pity!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and after a very nice hot bath we went to bed, we were so tired!
Our hotel was in the jewish area where all the diamant shop are. o my, i´ve never seen so many diamants in my life, and the prices, real expensive, even with 70% discount
Mondaymorning, we got up really early and drove home. It took us 4,5 hrs to get back. The roads were really slippery and an couple of times we skidded brrrrrrrrr! scary that was! But we got home in one piece. We had an absolute great time

donderdag 16 december 2010


Mondayafternoon we made some christmasornaments.
We got some stuff from Chantal and teh girls just loved it!
Check it out...
and ofcourse the girls had to make some funny pictures ;-D

zaterdag 11 december 2010

and week 5 and 6

i had to make some more cards (for my collegues) and i decided to make some easy ones again. This is the result.

donderdag 9 december 2010

and the cards for week 3 and 4 (dcd challenge 77)

i found somewhere on the internet an example of these cards and loved them. I have to make a couple of cards for my collegues so i will make some more ;-)
i decided not to cheat ;-P and use 1 card of each for my challenge

I will double join the dcd challenge blog challange 77 (seeing triple)with these cards ;-P

Frosty and frozen world

2 layouts i made the other day.
Used the lovely bobunny papers.
Photographs were made the other day on the hei in Laren

Decorating the tree

Yes! our christmastree is up again.
Girls love to put all the stuff in the tree. It's a very colourfull tree.
Every ball has his own story. Some are very old (i had them in the tree in my room when i was 7 or 8 years old). And a tradition is that they can both pick one new ball every year (that i followed from my mother, we did when we were young as well. We still have to buy the ones for this year so they will be put in the tree as well