maandag 8 november 2010

Some more stuff

For the kreadoebeurs i made some examples

This lo with bobunny papers (this is one of my favorite photos of Nikki) Karin did some phototricks and i printed it in sepia, just looooove it!

This card with pink paisley papers (a bit vintage, normally not my style but i am quite happy with the result)

a little christmastree minialbum with the bobunny leftovers

a december daily (don't know the brand of the papers i used it looks a bit like elsie style) a completely different style than the other stuff. In this book you can write a story or put a photo each day in December. December is a busy month with the celebration of sinterklaas, christmas, my father's 70th birthday, new year's eve and new year. So many photooccations

and i made some more merci boxes for the girl's teachers and trainers

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