zaterdag 5 juni 2010

Finally summer, life's catching up, atc's and a card

Yes! Summer at last! I love this weather, don't like the sun (i'm allergic and come out with blisters and a rash) but i love the warm weather
Yesterday it took me 4 hours to put up the little swimmingpool; first the one we had last year was leaking (and of course you find that out after you've put it al up and put water in ;-S Bought a new one (bit bigger), put it up; hole in the groundbit so leaking as well aarggghhh so took it all off and tried to put it back in the box, took it back to the shop and got a new one. Put that one up and this morning i filled it (took 4 hours to fill it) But the girls are loving it and have been playing in it since 11 'till dinnertime and still didn't want to come out.

The last week i've been very busy. Back to work for the full 24 hours so not much ME time, done a lot of brainstorming with the other girls and organised some nice stuff on the scrapfever forum and started a scrapfeverblog (not my strongest side but TG the other girls are smarting in those things and it's looking good now.

I am really busy with the girl's school, loads of things organized the last schoolmonth of the year and a lot of help needed from the parents. Last thursday Chelsey had her verkeersexam (traffic-exam) and she passed.

For the sf may atc swap (theme was time) i made these atc's

These are the ones i received

and today, when is was enjoying the nice weather i made this card. Getting better all the time with the copics, just need to practice some more

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ahhh, jij bent dus ook lekker actief op school, het lijkt wel of ik er een baan heb!!! Jeetje hoe zouden ze dat toch doen als al die ouders er niet waren. Maar ondertussen heb je ook nog een schsttig kaartje gemaakt. Leuk hoor!

    Groetjes marjolijn.

  2. Wat een mooi kaartje!! Dit stempelafdrukje vind ik wel schattig hoor, is dat Holly Hobby of zeg ik nu iets heel engs :) :)
    Mooie ATC´tjes heb je ook gemaakt met de overlay en de song zat de hele tijd in mijn hoofd.

  3. hey san ...wat zie ik nou?
    ben je aan de blog??? ziet er super uit!! ik ga je volgen hoor ...
    liefs raf!!